Pont de Neuilly

A wonderful little stop on the 1

The third stop on the eastbound 1 line, and the first on the right bank of the Seine, is Pont de Neuilly. It serves the southwest corner of the suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine as well as providing access to the northern end of the île de Puteaux. The station itself is between the two lanes of the Avenue Charles De Gaulle, and is roughly the halfway point between the Grand Arche and the Arc de Triomphe, both of which are visible from the plaza above the station. This plaza also serves as a roundabout for the various bus lines that terminate here.

The neighborhood around Pont de Neuilly is dense, and architecturally resembles most of Paris: 4 and 5 story residential buildings with retail on the ground floor, packed up against narrow 1-way streets and alleys. To the east of the station, towards Les Sablons, there are newer office buildings in a more modern style, but the Pont de Neuilly area itself retains its more classic look.

The neighborhood has a lot to recommend it: several excellent restaurants and stores. In particular, there are a surprising number of Japanese izakayas. Also, there are several kosher butchers and Jewish restaurants, as this part of Neuilly is home to a long-standing and populous Jewish community.

This is a great place to live, but it's not exactly a hot spot for nightlife. Most of the restaurants are closed on the weekend, and there are only two real bars. At its heart it's a bedroom community for Paris and La Defense, though there are a growing number of companies, particularly Western media companies, that are setting up offices here (particularly in the more modern buildings just to the east).

The Bois is only a couple of blocks away, and fortunately it's the more family-friendly northern edge of the Bois. Other highlights are La Village, Aux Castelblangeois, and La Petite Folie. Also a shoutout to the bodega on rue General Henrion Bertier, for being open 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week.

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